Thursday, March 3, 2011

CeBIT: VIATAG makes the car to the credit card

VIATAG that can turn any car into a credit card. To this end, the windshield stickers, a small wireless (RFID) attached, which provides the vehicle with a contactless identification and payment function.
The spectrum over VIATAG is diverse. Such payment is automatic in the car park: The bar opens as soon as the car approaches, the extension of the parking fee will be charged, of course eliminated from cash machines. VIATAG has already proven itself in several parking garages in continuous use.
It is also possible to pay automatically with a drive-thru switch during travel through instead of cash-rich through the window to have. Petrol stations and car washes the car could also "automatically" pay for. Local authorities can facilitate the residential parking stickers and automate the radio. Car rental and fleet managers to optimize fleet management through the automatic identification.

"The spectrum of Auto-ID applications extends to the traffic control or the intelligent connection of car traffic by public transport," said board member motionID Christian Utz.
Many companies and organizations have already shown interest in the solution, motionID technologies. In addition to automotive manufacturers and suppliers include parking operators, service stations, fleet operators and car rentals. Also the group of interested parties include food service chains, telecommunications companies, credit and bonus card companies, retail and hotel chains and local authorities.
The Auto-ID system based on years of research VIATAG the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML).

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