Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First Day of CeBIT

Video conferencing with high quality over LTE networks, 32-inch multi-touch screen, three-dimensional console portable and quite tablets. These are some of the highlights during the first day of technology exhibition CeBIT 2011, which is currently taking place in Hannover, Germany.

Unit Sensor Technologies 3M, 3M Touch System showed 32-inch touchscreen display with multi-touch features. It allows several people to use it as both can recognize up to ten simultaneous touches, writes on your site Business uayar. Additional display features a high resolution of 1080p and users will be able to see clear picture in wide angle of 178 degrees. It can be easily integrated into different sites and permit use as an interactive table or as a wall terminal. His ability to identify many touches simultaneously (multi-touch) allows you to run applications designed for several people.

The German unit of Vodafone jointly with Ericsson demonstrates the transmission of HD video over LTE network. For the live demo is available on link 100 Mbps. So to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile networks new generation 4G, which can transfer large amounts of data, unlike the current 3G networks.

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