Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CeBIT 2011

The largest exhibition of high-tech CeBIT is expected to draw visitors' attention with the introduction of new gadgets associated mostly with three-dimensional technology and tablets as well as to demonstrate the latest trends in Internet-based services (ie. Cloud computing).

It starts tomorrow and will be held within five days in Hanover, Germany, is forecast to be visited by over 350 thousand people. Expected to attend over 4,200 technology companies from 70 countries, many large companies will return to izlozhnenieto after the crisis stood more aloof from such events, said yesterday. Google, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and Dell are the biggest names among the participants.

The main theme of this year's exhibition will be Internet-based services or called. Cloud technology "in the words of President BITKOM, an association of German telecoms and technology companies, August-Wilhelm Scheer pass as" locomotive in various exhibitions. IT companies try to impose the trend as much information to be transferred online instead of physically sit on users' computers, thus making it part of their daily lives.

Cloud technologies will change the IT environment and its business model from the ground. We expect sales of such services in Germany to quadruple by 2015, "said Scheer.

Other important topics that are expected to be affected during the exhibition are internet security, high-speed connection to the global network as more and more mass adoption of three technologies to everyday consumers. Among the novelties are various options for 3D images without the need to wear special glasses, and even develop advanced technologies for holographic images.

Tablets will not be overlooked and this exhibition is expected to be presented several new models that will use the operating system na Google Android Honeycomb.

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